USA Dance (North Star Jacksonville) Chapter #6058


The newly appointed board met in December and it was decided that entry fees for members will now be $12 with a guest fee of $15. Thank you so much to those who responded to the online survey. The results are in and will be shared this Sunday evening at our dance regarding what we found was most important to you. After all, this is YOUR dance, and we want to meet your goals for our chapter that will result in further growth and success.

We are excited to begin participating in nationally sponsored events. One of the advantages of being a member is that National has so much to offer to us and we really want to get involved.

LADIES, please contact Jan either on facebook or at 616-6541 to reserve your dance host spots for this Sunday night.

Doors open at 6:10 and group begins at 6:30. Social dancing will start at 7:00.